Whole Systems Approach

We need to adopt a whole systems approach that considers 100% renewable heat, power, transport and resilient and adapted communities. Thinking in a joined up way with communities and their interests at the centre. For example, as we deploy active travel infrastructure such as the Glasgow Avenues programme, we should be including district heating for communities in the works package. We should also be building in the adaptation solutions too. Also planting more trees for our urban and rural canopy. This creates jobs and improves health and well being and affordable heat for local residents and businesses. We get more value and green recovery this way. 

Why the contribution is important

Because it adds value to already planned and future projects if we get beyond silo thinking and create collaboration between plans and projects. Green and at scale infrastructure creates jobs. Local solutions can empower communities. Responds more powerfully and quickly to the time critical climate crisis.

by roddyyarr on October 23, 2020 at 10:17AM

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  • Posted by IMal October 23, 2020 at 15:57

    A whole systems approach seems to be an efficient solution to cutting waste and developing sustainable living. It could be enshrined in Planning Law, although developers would have to make huge adjustments to their thinking.
  • Posted by davidso October 24, 2020 at 00:39

    Amend the guidelines for OFGEM as a regulator for Gas and Electricity Markets requiring them toconsider both synergies between electricity and gas and between them and Heat Networks. At present OFGEM effectively operates as two unlinked divisions.
  • Posted by Lredin October 24, 2020 at 20:14

    Given complexity of changes required a whole system approach seems an essential part of forming solutions. However the technical components seems the easiest part - building a consensus seems to be the most difficult part and this has to be a political project. There are inevitably going to be extremely difficult compromises around convenience (individual cars, air travel) reducing consumption ( need less shops if we are going to throw away less) and changing employment (oil, grouse shooting..) food traditions (much less meat). I don’t think we can duck the question of what kind of country we want to be (why should we change when others aren’t) and the real potential in being a proper early adopter for our own self interest but also forging a national pride that can actually sustain. Lessons from managing covid (very frequent emergency updates, agreeing priorities - death rate, children, sharing what is going well, celebrating, thanking, seeking expertise and placing this at core, acknowledging how hard it is and that these are not evenly distributed). Covid 19 is a minor problem compared to the scale of change we need to enact to actually reach carbon neutrality even by 2050 ( have to include the emissions of products we consume and don’t produce) which is already leaving it very late. Each city having an emergency plan seems helpful start but I fear the politicians are ahead of the population and would like this consultation to focus on how we communicate that can bring people with us. Otherwise we will get bogged down in the details and the pace will just be too slow and we’ll get caught up in the minor skirmishes of can we afford x or people not realising that the changes have to impact upon them individually (from the tiniest change of how do we drink a juice carton without a straw to there are no place for even electric 4 by 4s given energy that needs to go into producing unless actually really needed) .
    So my key message would be that we need the system to change to allow us to make better choices but this is a project with individual implications like no other. Can we go with growth neutrality, getting basics right for everyone, building allies internationally (EU also really struggling with scale required), whether in UK or as independent country (sure there will be multiple views about whether independence will give us levers required or be a challenge too far) but on climate change we need consensus for action and this needs leadership beyond party politics that says carbon neutrality has to be achieved and that this cannot be delayed and then parties can put forward programs about the how we all compromise rather than endlessly focussing on narrow self interest.
    So in that spirit - thank you to the Scottish government for creating this space. Tell us what you need from all the people who are most passionate that will help you lead so that we manage this emergency.
  • Posted by rmic October 25, 2020 at 10:54

    Hear, hear Lredin!
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