Increase the number of EV chargers across the City of Edinburgh

Make commercial EVs accessible and affordable for small businesses

Infrastructure link up is critical

Make public transport free for citizens to encourage less private car driving

Explore arterial route changes in advance of cities expanding, especially by City airports, Dundee/Edinburgh

Thoroughly review and engage re LTN proposals to ensure 

Why the contribution is important

Encourage EV travel car, vespa, van etc

For SMEs that require to use such vehicles incentivise vans (tax efficiency etc)

Link the bus/trams and all network across the City

LRT is City owned, reflect this in fares, make it free for City citizens to encourage use

Plan ahead, don't close roads in reaction to change when closure is too late, it moves the pollution problem on the roads, fix the under current beforehand. Integrate home building decisions with travel planning, in advance.

Review, risk assess, review again!

Sorry, a little traffic focussed here!

by GetEdinMoving on October 12, 2020 at 04:56PM

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  • Posted by mhagdorn October 13, 2020 at 20:08

    Mostly agree, except for electric cars. They do not solve the problem of congestion. For most journeys within cities and towns using some form of active travel and/or public travel should do. If most journeys are undertaken by public/active transport there will be more space for journeys that can't be. No need to more charging points then.
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