Support to fully insulate all the older homes in Scotland

Scotland does not have a warm climate and we need to move away from fossil fuel heating. We need to retrospectively insulate all the older homes in Scotland - including victorian and pre-victorian properties, both houses and tenement buildings. Most of these could benefit from much better double glazing, loft insulation and improved internal wall insulation (with appropriate ventilation methods). Solar panels could be fitted to roofs, even of tenements. Less fuel hungry heating boilers could be installed - especially the type that in future could use hydrogen.


Why the contribution is important

The average duration of home ownership for any property is less than 10 years and it does not make sense for the majority of home owners to commit the level of investment needed to fully insulate their older home as they are not likely to live in the property long enough to see a return on capital. Indeed most home owners and certainly most, if not all, tenants could not affod to make such an investment. It will, therefore, be necessary for the government to support such an investment with grants and to legistlate to set insulation standards. Such a programme of property investment would not only significantly reduce energy consumption it would provide jobs and boost the economy as well as reducing the energy bills of the poorest in the community.

It would be a sustainable investment in Scotland's future.

by TimWest on October 26, 2020 at 01:50PM

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