Stop subsidising business that emits carbon and redirect money to green business

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Stop subsidising the fossil fuel industry. Redirect that money into green energy and business that help to reduce our carbon emissions.

Accept that a 'continual growth' model is not possible on a planet with finite resources.

Look at plans for becoming self sufficient in food within Scotland. Consider how we need to change our agriculture and food production to do this. There will be health benefits for all if we change our diets to have a better balance of nutrients. Less meat, less dairy, more veg, more fibre, local fruit.


Why the contribution is important

Our system is not able to make the level of changes necessary while it is predicated on the concept of continual growth. Individual action cannot sort this out. We need to acknowledge that the current system is not 'fit for purpose' to address the climate emergency, and so we need to change our economic system, because the climate emergency won't go away. And if we take no action, it will only get worse, quicker.

by SianMcKinnon on October 25, 2020 at 06:42PM

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