Simplify recycling information

It's hard to know where to put rubbish, because of the statement, "if your Council recycles this" type of material.  It needs to be easier to find out and to understand.  

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Making recycling simpler to understand will encourage more people to engage in the process..

by Bee on October 25, 2020 at 07:04AM

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  • Posted by ScottH82 October 25, 2020 at 09:57

    This is a good idea, and one that should already be the norm. But I don't think we need use the time of the citizens assembly to discuss and recommend. Governments/councils should be insisting this already.

    I think the citizens assembly should be spending time on how we make systemic/economic changes, which means these types of ideas become the default/norm.
  • Posted by steveh October 25, 2020 at 10:24

    I think we need the citizens assembly to discuss both the practical and the systemic solutions to the problems that we face. It's an up hill struggle to make progress due to vested interests and apathy whichever road we take. Practical action can support systemic change and vice versa.
  • Posted by rogerharris678 October 25, 2020 at 18:16

    I think this is a sensible proposal, not simply for its direct benefits but because making recycling a simple routine would help to embed the idea that we all need to change day-to-day behaviour. It is something that governments should have achieved long ago by acting on behalf citizens to create and enforce coordination and simplification.
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