Scotland Decarbonisation Road Show

working to decarbonise travel and energy for homes and businesses and addressing the priorities of local people.

Promotion of the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency by creation of a green credit line to fund projects.

Promotion of the use of cleaner means of transport in a bid to decarbonize the travel industry which is Scotland’s largest climate impacting sector

Provision of investment grants to encourage the growth of sustainable buildings/ city projects that are fully dependent on renewables for heating and are more energy efficient in the over all consumption of energy

Mapping and identification of communities/ economic sectors in Scotland to identify areas of existing high energy demands peculiar to them then targeting them with a tailor-made approach which will include but not limited to:

- Massive awareness creation via formal and informal media platforms

- Development of communication, information tools and marketing campaigns

- Town hall meetings for sensitizations

- Capacity building and knowledge transfer

- Organizing of competitions at different levels of the education sectors

- Rewards for proven energy savings

- Govt providing subsidized/ free energy audits for small and medium scale industries to determine areas needing improvements in their factories

- Govt. providing incentives inform of tax cuts etc . to products produced in an energy efficient manner.

- Embark on more Campaigns for reuse, recycle and tree planting

Why the contribution is important

My idea is important when achieved will create a green clean energy and protect the environment 

by SeLoch on October 26, 2020 at 11:39AM

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