Protect Jobs and the vulnerable when moving to a green society.

With the move away from fossil fuels a lot of workers in those industries will become redundant. We must make sure we offer support and new jobs to those people so there is not a wave of unemployment. There should be systems and support in place for those working in industries that will become redundant. 

We should also try and make sure that the vunerable do not lose out on the switch to a green society. Things such as making flights only availble to the rich by extremely high prices or a system that allows those with more moeny to have more liberties and negatively affect the enviorment more so than those without money. Any pushes to a green society should include blanket implementations that affects everyone equally. 

Why the contribution is important

We do not want to alienate people while we transition to a green society. 

by DominikH on October 26, 2020 at 12:36PM

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