Priority Bus Lanes on Motorways

First Minister promised in September 2019 to introduce priorty bus lanes on motorways. This promise appears to have been shelved.

Priority Bus Lanes are key to improving public transport.

 A priority bus lane on the M8 west bound from J11 to Charing Cross, with existing fast lane becoming the bus lane, and exiting at Charing Cross , up Sauchiehall Street, and down to George Square . This could reduce the commute from Strathaven to Glasgow to 35 minutes. Currently 60 minutes by car, and 90 minutes by existing buses. This could be replicated in other towns not served by rail.

We did a survey in Strathaven and counted over 2,000 cars leaving Strathaven every day between 6am & 9am (carried out pre COVID in February). A separate survey identified that 70% of commuters would consider public transport if it was cheaper/faster - which it could be. So up to 1,400 vehicles potentially could be taken off the road every day, and a more pleasant journey than driving, all from one small Scottish town. Imagine if this was replicated across Scotland.

Why the contribution is important

Some actions to reduce emissions will require tough political decisions. However, there are no losers in implementing improved public transport.

by TomBarbour on October 26, 2020 at 07:36AM

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