Net Zero policy must include consumption emissions.

Current reported GHG emissions, targets, and policy focus on territorial emissions.

Scotland's reported (terretorial) greenhouse gas emissions have fallen, due mainly to shitting down coal fired power stations.

However, Scotland's greenhouse gas emissions must also include embodied emissions, eg the emissions produced overseas by factories, shipping, agriculture etc which produce the products we consume.  This is known as 'consumption emissions', which the Scottish Government confusingly reffered to as "Scotland's Carbon footprint":

(Note the last official report on the gov. website us from 2016 data - eg this method appears to have been dropped) 

Why the contribution is important

We must reduce GLOBAL greenhouse gas emissions.  Focusing purely on the emissions produced within Scotland terretorial boundary and ignoring the emissions embedded in the products we buy from overseas (for example electric vehicles), takes us down a path of political gameplay, rather than actually tackling the climate emergency. 

We must treat the emergency as an emergency.  I beleive this must start by being honest about the impact we as a nation have on global emissions, and not shying away from it becuase it is uncomfortable or politically undesirable.  THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!

by mravilious on October 26, 2020 at 12:34PM

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  • Posted by Paul October 26, 2020 at 14:26

    Absolutely agree with this. It is a delusion if we ignore consumption emissions from our targets. Equally all aviation and shipping emissions need to be included.
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