Mass-educate the public in climate action

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  • Embed climate awareness deeply into the school curriculum and Higher Education teaching, so that it becomes a key component of Scottish citizenship. Develop outdoor learning to foster an early sense of connection with nature. Encourage a shift in our collective values, e.g. uncouple freedom and independence from car driving by showing the toxicity of a car-reliant system and promoting alternatives as more beneficial and better aligned with our values of resilience and sustainability. Instill a sense of collective responsibility and duty of care towards future generations and the planet’s resources, as well as a sense of equity that acknowledges that the richest 10% of the world’s population have been responsible for half of the world’s emissions – and that demand from developed countries has been the main driving force behind growing emissions in developing countries, which will be worst affected by climate change. Educate and support students around the dangers of inaction, the psychological and other obstacles to the necessary changes, and the benefits those changes will bring at economic, scientific, social-political and individual levels such as mental health benefits. Promote a regenerative, cooperative mindset and creative, flexible thinking in the rising generation. Phase out the unsustainable current focus on economic growth in favour of deep adaptation. Provide an honest, realistic risk evaluation of our current lifestyle and system, alongside the many benefits of embracing a different set of values as a nation: resilience, sustainability, solidarity, well being, intergenerational and global justice.
  • Educate and train all organizations and workers on the requirements and solutions of urgent transitioning. All sectors need to start seeing themselves as part of the solution to climate threat, and plan accordingly with their eyes firmly kept on the emission reduction targets. Discourage planned obsolescence to make the best climate-efficient solutions available without unnecessary delay.

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You don’t have a choice when you don’t know your options. People need to be empowered to understand the true costs of the way of life and neoliberal system they live in (overconsumption, convenience food, waste, planned obsolescence, the race for cheaper products driving down their quality and sustainability, normalised air travel, the imperative of economic growth). This system is not serving society, only the rich and privileged.

by clemenceoconnor on October 26, 2020 at 01:50AM

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