Local Work Hubs

Working remotely -- and remote meetings -- reduces travel and hence carbon emissions. Plus there are other benefits to flexible working. Lockdown has proved that many companies can work remotely. But remote work has a high human cost - remote working isolates people. For business, it also reduces the casual conversations which are a key source of creativity and innovation.

So how can we get the benefits of remote work, without the downsides?

Local work hubs provide an answer. Establish co-working spaces across the country, where people can work for a geographically distributed company, yet have local colleagues.

This could begin with the Scottish Government - an employer so large, it could setup its own small offices in many towns (especiallly around the major cities, where there are commuting staff).

Thinking wider, we could encourage a range of local work hubs, with a mix of both community owned and privately run hubs.

Why the contribution is important

Reducing travel would reduce carbon emissions.

Remote working has benefits, but is overall harmful to personal wellbeing, and to commercial innovation & creativity.

This proposal aims to address this, plus use remote-working to strengthen local community.

by winterstein on October 26, 2020 at 12:18PM

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  • Posted by AndrewR October 26, 2020 at 13:26

    Yes, this is an excellent idea, which I have come across in rural areas of England. It could make things like cycling to work far more practicable, and promote the sense of community.
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