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Every planning application for housing should have a legal requirement to provide growing  space. There is an enormouse waiting list/demand for both individual allotments, and community gardens. Even blocks of flats should have an area where residents can grow both food and flowers. All applications for houses (not flats) should have an area that could be divided up into individual plots. The local authority 'Greenspace' department should then provide equipment/tools/expert advice etc. to encourage residents. Plots not required could be offered to those on the waiting list. Encouragement and advice should be given (especially to children and first-time gardeners) regarding organic methods, and composting of garden and kitchen waste.

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If this was done, there would be a reduction in CO2 emissions as a result of  fewer vehicle journeys for fruit and veg shopping; less fruit and veg would be imported from long distances away in other countries; organic methods of gardening require less peat-based composts, which would reduce the extraction of peat, one of the main causes of  CO2 emission release. Correct composting methods would reduce the need for green bin collection by local authorities (less CO2 emissions from vehicles.)  

Community gardens and allotments would stimulate community interest, especially in children, and fuether general interest in the problems of climate change.


by AftonCottage on October 25, 2020 at 03:26PM

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