Land reform. Compulsory purchase by govt and redistribution

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We have an inequitable land distribution. Most of Scotland is owned by a select few landowners, many of whom do not even live in Scotland. Ordinary people have no chance of owning land because it is too expensive and there is no land available for sale.

We need to make our land as productive and as biodiverse and healthy as possible. We need to plant trees, rewild and improve our soils. We need to reconnect with the land, and to make the most of every acre we need people who want to go and live on the land, and look after it, and pay attention to what is happening and what is needed to get our land in the best possible shape in the future.

There should be a maximum amount of land that any individual or corporation is allowed to own. Above that, the govt should be entitled to make a compulsory purchase of all excess land. This land could then be made available to individuals or corporations etc. who would apply to look after it. Individuals could have life long leases on the condition that they look after the land, and improve it, produce food on it, promote rewilding, reforest it or restore it. To improve soil quality and promote biodiversity. Communities could apply for land. People who wish to live a low carbon lifestyle should be helped and encouraged to do so.


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Land reform is essential if we are to move towards a more sustainable system, and support ourselves in the way people did centuries ago. We have so much technology which means we will be able to live on the land in a positive way, warm, well fed, within communities. It offers a chance to look after our land, improve the soils, rivers, seas and benefit from active lives, healthier diets and connected communities.

by SianMcKinnon on October 25, 2020 at 07:10PM

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