Although not a direct action to be taken it would be  useful to look at health in this context and the savings that could be made in the NHS and care services in the short and long term. A lot of what the NHS deals with is the impact of environment and lifestyle. Would this also delay age when elderly needing care services if people are healthier for longer.

Reduced air pollution = reduced respiritory problems (reduced proceedures and medication) 

Impact of reduced chemical and plastic pollution

Impact of active travel at reducing various illness/diseases

Reduced stress due to finanical and work instability if adopting UBI, living wages, just transition, reduced working week etc and impact on relationships, intergenerational stresses, behavioural problems, drinking, smoking , drug use, unhealthy eating. Reduction in need for mental health services and medications.


Why the contribution is important

Human health is tied up with planetary health

by me on October 26, 2020 at 07:40AM

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