Food Security

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When considering food in the context of climate change, or indeed any other context, there are two issues inter-related issues whose importance outweigh other considerations:

  • Security of supply
  • sustainability of production (addressed in a separate post)

In the last century, the reliance of Britain on imported could easily have resulted in our capitulation as food convoys were so effectively sunk.  In the post-war years countries across Europe sought to minimise  their exposure to imported staple foods. The UK was hugely successful in achieving this, although the environmental costs were very high.  The last 50 years has seen a major decline in our food self-sufficiency (without any significant decline it the environmental impacts of that production). If the imports of staple foods into these islands were reason, significantly interrupted in the coming years, we would once again struggle to feed our people.

Of course, food supplies ultimately only can be considered secure if they also are sustainable.

Why the contribution is important

Some suggested that the drive to source food locally is of little relevance to the issue of reducing our carbon budgets. They argue that, for example, GHG emissions are reduced by importing high quality vegetable protein and reducing or eliminating the production of animal protein.  Even if this is correct,  such studies fail to address the strategic and cultural importance of local food production. 

by MarkColyer on October 25, 2020 at 07:08PM

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