Food and the future for consumers

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Land is a finite resource and must all be used to produce food in a sustainable environmental way that protects the county we love, the animals and biodiversity in it but just as importantly produce a balanced range of food that can feed our population when in season.

In the medium term world population pressure will result in traditional exporting food countries not sending their surplus food to the UK(or Scotland) because someone else will pay more for it. Now is the time to build up our capacity for producing food along with the jobs that go with it to make Scotland’s food industry the most sustainable in the world.

We must not stop using our land recourse to produce food as some may have you believe, yes, we should grow tree's .... for wood, not to appease the conscious of polluters. Our food carbon footprint should not be penalised if farmers increase production in a sustainable way thus displacing imported food and thus growing “our” biggest industry.

Finally we need to look at what else farmers can grow to give consumers a balanced “Tasty” Scottish diet.

Finally we need a positive message for the next generation that are in School just now to see the food industry is a great career choice going forward with so much change happening in the world.


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Food is an essential part of life the more we can produce in a sustainable way now will result in stability for the cost and supply of food for generations going forward. Its not an option to have food shortages look what happened with panic buying this spring so now is the time to make sure we can produce as much of what we need locally, products that our climate can sustain going forward and guarantee our food supply.

by Lovefood2 on October 22, 2020 at 04:03PM

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