Ensure rapid decarbonisation with ambitious near-term targets

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We must move beyond net zero targets and get going on the near-term climate action, or we will never achieve our net zero targets. Other ideas flag up ways of doing this, but the timescale is in itself an important item of discussion.

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In the face of unprecedented rates of global warming, governments have to show their accountability by listening to scientists and following the precautionary principle. What kind of organization would adopt policies based on a 50-60% chance of viability? A highly irresponsible one. Yet this is this government’s current course. The pathway identified in the CCC report can only be described as a blatant failure to follow the precautionary principle. It only achieves a 66% chance of keeping within 2°C, and a 50-66% chance of keeping within 1.5°C. Many scientists deem 2°C a dangerous gamble, not only for countries of the Southern Hemisphere where millions more would suffer from water shortages, malnutrition, mass migrations, and ensuing conflict, but also here in Scotland: the likely impact of such a temperature rise on our ability to source food and water reliably as early as 2050 is an unacceptable risk. This government must honour its statutory duty of care towards this country, and lower the odds of a 2°C rise to 5-10%. Adopting ‘world leading’ targets is all but meaningless if the changes simply fall short of what is necessary and sufficient to preserve our existence, health and safety.

by clemenceoconnor on October 26, 2020 at 02:57PM

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