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New ways of looking for alternative fuels must be done. More use of solar and natural energy be harnessed. Stop using oil and gas when new alternatives are available. Just because big fuel companies will lose money is no excuse not to use the alternatives if they were smart they would already ber making the change.  New buildings should automatically be buil usiong new energy sources. Thinking about it first energy used was steam so it is not imnpossible water is a valuable source in more ways than one.

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Current fuels are harming the earth could be the way they are being used.  We are  harming the planet and other life forms with plastic and consequently harming ourselves. We need to stop taking out of the earth and start respecting it. We need to understand how water is maintained. If planets around us had water and then lost it we need to be sure not to go down that path. 

by Yvonne on October 26, 2020 at 07:20AM

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