End infinite growth economy and move to a wellbeing economy

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Infinite growth is an unsustainable and politicised economic model that exploits the natural world and the people who live in it, for the benefit of a small number of very rich people. Scotland needs to end its addiction to infinite growth and to construct an economy based on the wellbeing of its citizens. This is a way to provide meaningful jobs that don't destroy the planet we depend on for life itself. New Zealand is an example of a country which tries to base its policies in caring, kindness and respect. Scotland should make more efforts to go in this direction, immediately. There is no time to lose.

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Infinite exploitation of the finite resources on earth is a recipe for disaster. We are facing a climate catastrophe. This includes destruction of biodiversity in all its forms: habitat, variety of plant animal and insect species, wellbeing of the earth itself as well as the humans living on it. Human greed for more and more stuff is the result of decades of spin to make us feel we each need more stuff to make us feel better. This is a lie. In the pandemic and lockdown many people began to understand this is a lie. We enjoyed a break from noise and fumes from traffic pollution, we allowed wildflowers(weeds) to grow which multiplied the food supply for small birds and creature many times over. Those who began to delight in the natural world in their towns found improved wellbeing and mental health. Job losses are tragic, but many of the jobs lost are meaningless drudgery designed to generate profits for shareholders rathe than for the workers and their families. Scotland needs to give its citizens a chance of a better life.

by lesliesoulfire on October 23, 2020 at 09:38AM

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