We need to ensure that all children get an education in Carbon Literacy, why our planet is warming, how this is causing Climate Disruption and what we can do about it, both personally and as a country.  

Over the last year, much of the discussion has been driven by young people - Greta Thunberg spearheaded a huge movement across many countries.  We must not let this opportunity to listen to our young people (who tell us to liten to the scientists!) pass without taking action.

Also, all households should receive a summary of this information and how to calculate their carbon footprint.

There is a wealth of information already in print which can be used - Zero Carbon Britain from Centre for Alternative Technology for example.  

Why the contribution is important

Unless we have the facts to identify the problem and the solutions, we cannot act wisely. 

by bettyw99 on October 26, 2020 at 11:59AM

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