Devolve State Aid Powers to the Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Government should work with trade unions to obtain state aid powers for Scotland. We have these powers under the Scotland Act 1998, however we subsequently surrendered them when we joined the European Union. State aid powers are required to invest in the economy. The extent of these powers are far reaching. Councils and governments are told they can not even mandate government contractors have minimum standards in regards to workers rights, above what is required by law. 

Why the contribution is important

If we want to be able to carry out the massive investment needed to save the planet then the Scottish Parliament needs these powers. They have been used as an excuse not to give contracts to BiFab yards in Fife, an industry which is vital for any Green Industrial Revolution. If the Government is not able or willing to take a simple step such as aiding Scottish industry then this will continue to be outsourced overseas. Outsourcing overseas carries many issues, there is the issue surrounding good quality jobs and the extra emissions which come with shipping. The BiFab yards are only one example, the same excuse was used to sit idley as the Calidonian Railworks in Springburn were closed down. Meaning trains will need to go down south for repairs, again increasing emissions and resulting in a loss of jobs. The Scottish Government must be resolute in calling for a devolution of these powers to Holyrood, not to Westminster, and not to Brussels. 

by JoshMorris1999 on October 26, 2020 at 10:52AM

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