Cross Party Agreement on the Environment

Put the environment above party politics. A cross party agreement on climate and the environment. Agreement should be written into policy such that government & campaiging parties cannot use environment as a campaign tactic or bargaining chip.

Why the contribution is important

We need all political parties to put their differences aside when it comes to the future of the planet and to work together to make decisions that are responsible and necessary to stop the climate crisis getting to the point of no return. No matter who is in power, there should be laws or policies in place that are the accepted standard and can ony be reviewd and changed by further cross party discussion.

The future survival of earth and its ecosystems should not be depend on who happens to be holding the reigns and whether or not environmental issues are a high priority to them.

This may be hard to achieve and a little idealistic but at the very least it's worth consideration.

by charlsmcm on October 24, 2020 at 12:01AM

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