Build an intergovernmental network on the climate emergency

Build on the Wellbeing Economy Governments group, energetically and creatively, to have a parallel (and larger) network of governments that share concerns about the climate emergency.

Use the network to share ideas, to develop and invest in solutions in partnership, and to embarrass others into action. Tie up with the academic and private sectors to pursue such partnerships. Be prepared to take advantage of the contacts and influence of global companies, foundations, organisations such as the UN etc where they have genuine intentions to address climate issues, as they can extend the influence and reach of the network.

Focus particularly on countries of a broadly similar size so that problems of scale are comparable. Be prepared to work with countries which may not yet be convinced on a wellbeing economy approach but which are serious about the climate emergency, such as Nordic countries. Be prepared also to work with governments which may be climatically and culturally very different in, for example, the Middle East or Africa. Cooperating across difference can create opportunities and novel solutions.

Why the contribution is important

The climate change emergency needs agile, determined and committed government action. Smaller countries are often in a better position to be decisive and active. The Wellbeing Economy Group is an excellent intitiative but its focus is more on social justice, with climate benefits being a secondary effect. Scotland could take a similar initiative, building on the WEGo, to focus on the climate emergency, but this needs to be broader and deeper if it is to make a timely impact on climate change. It could snowball, so it is worth trying, with the maximum possible investment of effort, goodwill and money to give it a fair wind.

by rogerharris678 on October 25, 2020 at 07:03PM

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