Allow volunteering time in play of payments for fines and taxes

Where people find themselves unable to pay fines or taxes, they should have the option to volunteer their time in leu of payment. This will avoid the prospect of punitive fines and possible prosecution, and may be much easier and less stressful that trying to get money to pay with. Even if the volunteering was council or community-based work rather than tree planting, this could free up funds for interventions which would mitigate climate change. Also they could learn and develop new skills depending on the volunteering opportunities available.

Why the contribution is important

A wide range of interventions will be needed to combat climate change. These are likely to require large amounts of work, some of which could be done by volunteers. Being in debt is difficult and stressful, but if people can pay with time rather than money, that might be more manageable and also contribute to combatting climate change where possible, or free up funds for local councils for climate change mitigation projects.

by Nicky on October 25, 2020 at 05:38PM

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