A Social Enterprise Led Response

Social enterprise and community organisations should receive the bulk of government investment spent on green initiatives, reducing emissions and mitigating climate change. They can be trusted to make maximum impact and do not have vested interests. Where they don't exist they should be established with green investment money. They could be tackling energy production, recycling, waste, carbon storage/sequestration, reuse, rewilding, construction and more. All areas currently dominated by multinational corporates with vested interests.

Scotland's response to the climate crisis over the next generations is likely to represent one of government's largest items of expenditure. Many businesses already describe it as a market opportunity rather than an environmental emergency. Existing, highly polluting businesses do need to be part of the response because mitigating their emissions is necessary and will cost money. However, private enterprises, even well meaning ones, have owners and shareholders seeking to profit. Whether socialist or capitalist all economists accept that this represents a vested interest. Therefore, private businesses are not incentivised to make maximum environmental impact from each pound the taxpayer spends greening our economy. We wouldn't trust cigarette manufacturers to mitigate the harms of smoking, we employ health charities to do that. 

We should be ring fencing our investment in green economy for social and community enterprise.

Why the contribution is important

In order to ensure this crisis is not dragged out for personal gain by business owners and shareholders we need to place the bulk of our response to the climate crisis in the hands of organisations incentivised only to do the right thing for society. That means social enterprises and community organisations. Not including them as a bonus or a side-note but placing them in the lead with most of the available funding for decades until we have managed to reinvent a greener economy.

by JohnH on October 21, 2020 at 02:40PM

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