A carbon fee and dividend scheme as an incentivisation tool

Mass-educate individuals on the urgency of the situation. Lead a national public health type of campaign promoting a carbon footprint-aware diet, including a 75% reduction of red meat consumption, and new patterns of lifestyle consumption such as denormalising fast fashion. E.g. make carbon footprint labelling compulsory for all food, clothing and other lifestyle consumption items; use higher taxation on products and services with a higher carbon footprint; adopt a carbon fee and dividend scheme as an incentivisation tool. If changing mindsets within a demand-driven system is not enough to meet targets, introduce rationing of products and services with a high carbon footprint.

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We need the carbon cost of what we consume to gain in visibility to educate citizens, hence the need for agressive public health-type campaigns (such as the one that made smoking illegal in public places). But beyond that we need the law to provide a framework that gets individuals and organizations focused on near-term, intermediary emissions targets, with packages of sanctions and incentives. This needs to happen urgently as we have already gone past a number of tipping points, and the government's duty of care towards Scottish citizens demands that the risks are minimized.

by clemenceoconnor on October 26, 2020 at 01:57AM

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  • Posted by MarkColyer October 26, 2020 at 13:06

    We need to consider the potential unintended consequences resulting from measures such as a dramatic cut in red meat consumption. To what use will the now redundant land be put? It may of course be used in an environmentally benign way - but it may not! With a dramatic reduction in beef production, milk availability will fall. What will replace this milk? Not I hope, some of the alternatives such as almond or soya milk whose production have very significant negative environmental impacts, not to mention the GHGs released during their export across the globe.
  • Posted by SimonClark October 26, 2020 at 13:22

    We need the compulsory annual or bi annual carbon reporting of all companies and organisations. only once we have this level of information can reduction be monitored.
  • Posted by Paul October 26, 2020 at 14:46

    Totally agree with the original idea. Regarding unintended consequences by Mark of cutting red meat. we can easily use the land for reforestation and rewilding. It is also possible to make milk substitutes from oats. These grow well in Scotland.
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